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Keep Your Garage Door Safely Maintained

In just 5 minutes per month and 4 easy steps, you can ensure your garage door is working properly. Check out our how-to videos to see how easy garage door maintenance can be!

If you suspect any problems with your garage door, please reach out to your local C.H.I. dealer DavenDoors, Inc.

A Visual Inspection of Your Garage Door

A quick inspection of your garage door hardware can help prevent unexpected repair costs and keep your door in working order.

Testing Garage Door Balance

Testing the balance of your garage door prevents excessive wear on the door's components.

Testing The Reverse Mechanism

The reverse mechanism is critical to your garage door operating safely, and should be tested regularly.

Testing The Force Setting

Ensuring your garage door's force setting is adjusted appropriately minimizes the risk of personal injury or property damage should the door close unexpectedly.

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